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Scholarly Research 

My new book Feminism, Digital Culture and the Politics of Transmission: Theory, Practice and Cultural Heritage was published by Rowman Littlefield International in October 2015. The book draws upon my research into music making communities of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement. It asks: what does it mean to say that feminism has a cultural heritage?

My academic articles have been published in journals such as the International Journal of Heritage Studies, Journal of Oral History, Feminist Studies, Women’s History Review, Continuum, Women: A Cultural Review, Anarchist Studies, Feminist Theology and the European Journal of Women’s Studies.

The topics these articles cover range from feminist cultural histories of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement (especially music and theatre), feminist knowledge politics, archival pedagogies, affect and emotion with social movements, do it yourself publishing, the music of Kate Bush and the cultural memory of the British Empire in museums.

Grassroots Publisher

In 2010 I founded HammerOn Press to publish a creative re-interpretation of my PhD thesis Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory.

Since then HammerOn has worked with several different authors and community organisations to offer publishing advice and support.

2016 will be a big year for HammerOn.

We are publishing Charlotte Cooper’s Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement and Shannon Woodcock’s Life is War: Surviving Dictatorship in Communist Albania, two books that will make a big difference in their respective scholarly fields and beyond.

Exhibition Curation

I have curated two Heritage Lottery Funded exhibitions Sistershow Revisited and Music & Liberation.

As part of these projects I researched all of the exhibition content, wrote exhibition text and labels, selected artifacts, consulted with designers, conceptualised exhibition themes, produced accompanying web and text-based publications, collaborated with donors (personal and institutional), collected oral histories, organised item loans, digitised photographs, ephemera and audio-visual media.

I worked as a consultant on the University of Bristol’s Know Your Bristol On the Move ‘Women and Work’ strand. My role in the project was to help participants interpret, document and display their research which comprised of oral histories, walks in the local area and observations arising from personal experience.

Other curatorial work includes the co-curated 2014 Translation/ Transmission: Women’s Activism Across Space and Time film season at Watershed.

I also have extensive experience of organising events and arranging collaborations between artists.

My Current Research

Is focused on two areas:

Digital information management techniques, such as classification, tagging and metadata, and their capacity to shape feminist knowledge-making practices.

The extinction of 20th and 21st century’s prosthetic mnemonic organs due conditions of irreversible obsolescence.

Upcoming projects

In 2016 I am working with Create-Ahh, a social laboratory for improvised community and experience to organise a series of events exploring how the undetermined and unexpected can emerge within social, creative and pedagogical practices.

In June I am curating Emergenc(i)es, a two-week exhibition at the Trinity Centre, Bristol, featuring performance, installations film, dance, discussions, learning activities and more.