bellies! Sinister World Music released today!

nat-and-annie-record-a-guitar-part-for-the-bellies-albumbellies! officially release Sinister World Music today.

Our press release explains that Sinister World Music is ‘a concept album exploring the sinister dimensions of contemporary life.

Inspired by the political operas of Brecht and Kurt Weill and a year-long stay in an old woollen mill in West Wales, the album fuses the duo’s succinct song writing with acute political observation.

The Sinister World bellies! conjure is populated by vast piles of poisonous digital waste, decomposing lives, the tyrannical reign of the credit devil, oodles of drivel, too much data and distracted consciousness.

Sinister World Music was produced by Annie Gardiner from the Hysterical Injury. It features guest vocals from Gardiner and free improvisation aficionado Maggie Nicols.’

You can stream the whole album below. You can also buy a digital download or a cassette from our bandcamp page.

Watch the video for ‘Drivel’, made by Emma Thatcher, here:

Deborah-stands-in-dark-room-to-record-vocals-for-sinister-world-musicI feel really proud of Sinister World Music. We wrote and recorded it during a year long sabbatical at Melin Dolwion, Drefach Felindre.

We set out to create an album that focused on a concept-the sinister world we live in-and tried to articulate political opposition to issues that concerned us: zero hours contracts, precarious labour, digital waste, big data, the destruction of attention, the irresponsibility of the media and the appropriation of memory and mourning to normalise perpetual war.

I know: these are not cheery or typical things to write about in songs. But we wanted to try to write about these issues, and I am proud of the results.

I don’t think we can take it for granted that a political language, that is able to pick apart what is happening in the world today, exists. If it did then I would expect to hear and see more cultural resistance to the really disturbing things that are going on-and of course the things that feature on this album are not the only disturbing things. But they are what freak me out the most, as much as I am embedded within these conditions and perpetuate them. They freak me out because I am embedded within them and perpetuate them.

That’s why it is called Sinister World Music: there is an insidious quality to the control society which needs to be elaborated, interrogated, Othered. Resistance is necessary at a cultural level, and it begins with the release of signs that may be barely discernible or heard as murmur. These noises can then be linked up to larger collective practices that will be….[…..]……

In my blunt desire to create and listen to political music I have been very influenced by the feminist culture I encountered during my work on the Women’s Liberation Music Archive and exhibition Music & Liberation. Specific mentions go to Siren, the Fabulous Dirt Sisters and Frankie Armstrong who, I am excited to say, we will play with in March 2016, presenting acoustic versions of the sinister songs.

To end these thoughts on a positive note: Making Sinister World Music was brilliant because we could spend time and work with Annie Gardiner who is a supportive, highly skilled and inspirational producer. And, of course, I am so pleased that our fabulous diva-mother Maggie Nicols steals the show with her vocal performance on ‘Sinister World.’

Please listen to the album I’d love to know what you think!

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