Daniel Ross Interview – Transcript

In November 2015 I had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with Daniel Ross.

Some of you may know Daniel as translator of Bernard Stiegler’s work, or in his capacity as co-producer/ director of the epic philosophical ‘videofilm’ The Ister.

We recorded the conversation as an interview, and I am delighted to publish the transcript of it here.

I wanted to know more about the concrete processes involved in translating Stiegler’s work in English, and whether translation could be understood as a practice of moving philosophical ideas into non-philosophical or non-academic contexts.

I also wanted to explore whether the digital can be translated differently to its current configuration within neoliberal capitalism.

I hope the interview will be useful to scholars who engage with Stiegler’s thinking.

Thanks to Dan for sharing his time and intimate knowledge of Stiegler’s work with me.


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