Emergenc(i)es – 6-17 June 2016

a child sleeps in a box while a figure crouches over her
Anushiye Yarnell and Hepzibah perform ‘Nest’


Control and Calculation : Inheriting Liberation : Improvised Publics

6-17 June 2016, Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol, Avon BS2 0NW

Emergenc(i)es will explore how the emergence of alternative social possibilities has become an emergency in our current historical moment.

Performance, education activities, visual art, screenings, installations, workshops and a library-cum-pharmacy will examine how we approach and diagnose the problems we collectively face.

Emergenc(i)es will exhibit creative practices and educational sessions that can help resist and transform challenging conditions within and between our communities.

Between 12-2 every week day there will be a hosted lunchtime ‘Gathering’ that will provide an opportunity to practice improvisation with others.

There will be performances, art and facilitation from: Anushiye Yarnell, Shannon Woodcock, Madhu Krishnan, Martin Crowley, Bela Emerson, LĂ­dia Pereira / the Immaterial Labour Union Zine, Alex Wardrop, Maggie Nicols, Ben Owen + friends, Corey Mwamba, Charlotte Cooper, Ann Heilmann, Alix Hyde, Katia Barrett, Hannah Schling, Dusan Mihajlovic, Rosie Lewis and more tbc!


More news when I have it. I will also profile all the amazing people presenting work at Emergenc(i)es in the coming months.

Emergenc(i)es is funded by Awards for All and presented in collaboration with Create-Ahh.

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