Feminism, Temporalities, Transmission: A Reading Event

To celebrate the publication of Dr Sam McBean’s Feminism’s Queer Temporalites (Routledge, 2015), Dr Victoria Browne’s Feminism, Time and Non-Linear History (Palgrave, 2014) and Dr Deborah Withers’s Feminism, Digital Culture and the Politics of Transmission: Theory, Practice and Cultural Heritage (Rowman Littlefield International, 2015) Sam, Victoria and I held a reading event at the Stuart Hall Library.

Each of our books offer different perspectives on why, and how, feminist histories travel across time, and explore the available models we have for conceptualizing feminism’s complex timing.

Browne’s text is a rich philosophical primer on philosophical approaches to time and history which develops a ‘polytemporal’ model of feminist time.

McBean suggests that despite the dominance of linear, generational models of feminism’s timing, popular feminist texts evidence the anti-linear, asynchronous, and thus perhaps queerness of feminism’s timing.

Withers interprets these issues through the theory and practice of cultural heritage, attending to how generational formations of feminism are composed through processes of transmission, be they technical, cultural, economic or practical.

Below is audio recordings of our responses to each other, and wider issues relating to feminism, temporalities and transmission.

Many thanks again to Nick and the Stuart Hall Library for hosting us. What an amazing resource!

Nick from the Stuart Hall Library

Sam McBean

DSC08076 copy


Victoria Browne

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