Great Bear Tape Blog – 2013-17

From 2013-2017 I wrote a marketing blog for Great Bear Analogue and Digital Media, a Bristol-based audio archiving company specialising in the preservation of magnetic tape.

Working at Great Bear I was exposed to an incredible array of niche recordings. These provided inspiration for my articles.

I was lucky to have the support of Adrian Finn, who runs Great Bear, to develop marketing materials that were interesting, well researched and promoted the quirky stories recorded on magnetic media.

Here are links to some of my favourites!

Re-animating archives: Action Space’s V30H / V60H EIAJ 1/2″ video tapes

Monstrous Regiment – Audio Cassette Digitisation

Digital Video in Mixed-Content Archives

VHS – Re-Appraising Obsolescence

Motorbirds uMatic NTSC transfer

Philips N-1502 TV Recorder

Dr Spira and the Human Beings – BASF LGR 50 tapes on AEG DIN Hubs

Videokunstarkivet – Norway’s Digital Video Art Archive

‘Mysterious little reddish-brown ribbon’: BASF Magnetic Recording Tape