HammerOn Press – ‘Tools and Transformations’

HammerOn Press, a grassroots publishing project I established around ten years ago, is now an imprint of Intellect Books Ltd, an independent publisher based in Bristol who support the publication of inventive and groundbreaking academic work.

I am Editor for the ‘Tools and Transformations’ series that forms part of the imprint. ‘Tools and Transformations’ will publish interdisciplinary, world-making ideas that provide readers with resources to transform reality, centring Anti-Racist, Trans, Queer, Anti-Fascist, Feminist and Vegan perspectives.

At heart, books in ‘Tools and Transformations’ will feature practical and imaginative knowledge that readers can hold in their hands, minds and bodies.

I am keen to support authors as they develop their individual and/or collective voices, editorial values that similiarly underpin Intellect’s publishing mission.

For more information on how to submit a proposal for the series, please visit this webpage. If you have an idea for a book that might fit well with ‘Tools and Transformations’, then please email hammeron at intellectbooks.com