Meta-Data Diaries – 2018

Between 2016-17 I ran a series of workshops, invited by Caroline Gausden and later in partnership with Feminist Archive South, funded by the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute.

These educational sessions explored the social pedagogy of the archive, reflecting on questions of digital literary, categorisation and the political potential of collaborative annotation. You can read an account of one of the workshops, written by a participant, here.

I have also used detailed meta-data entries, employed in workshops, to write experimental feminist histories. ‘Meta-Data Diaries 1: The Feminist Archive’ tells the early history of the Feminist Archive and was published in 2018 in Inscription, a collection edited by Karl-Magnus Johansson.

I talked about some of these ideas at Rebels in the Archive, an event to celebrate International Women’s Day held at the British Library in 2017.

For a more recent reflection on archival pedagogies, including questions of socio-legal literacies, read this blog article.