Oxtoby Revolution: A Bristol City WFC Podcast – 2019-ongoing

I’ve been a fan of Bristol City WFC since the FA WSL’s first season in 2011, back when the team were called Bristol Academy.

It’s a strange thing being a football fan. It’s hard to know sometimes what do with all those thoughts and feelings you have when your team is playing well or, in the case of Bristol, often badly.

One of the things you can do is make a podcast! This is what I decided to do for the 2019/20 season. Partly out of frustration with the media coverage of the Women’s game that rarely covers Bristol (in comparison with the big clubs), but also in response to the fairly rigid, corporate media offer from Bristol Sport.

I also wanted to document the experience of being at matches and record the voices of fans who came to watch the game, for posterity and sociological nerdery.

The podcast has a kicking theme tune written by Annie Gardiner; mostly it includes Nat & I blethering about the team, past and present. Seven episodes have been made so far but production has been suspended, like the rest of life, because of Corona Virus. Listen to them all below!