SPAN, Know Your Bristol On the Move – 2014

In 2014 I had the pleasure of working with Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) and Professor Josie McLellan of the University of Bristol on a three-month community history project, part of Know Your Bristol On The Move.

It was one of the best history-making experiences I’ve had – truly collaborative, inspiring and empowering. And the end result – an exhibition about women and work in East Bristol – was fantastic.

Since 2014 a lot has happened. SPAN no longer exists in the form it did and the Silai Centre – where the exhibition was displayed, once an incredible community space run by working-class, women of colour – has shut down.

The history of SPAN is, thankfully, being further explored by the follow-on – SPAN: a hands-on history – and the organisation’s archive now safely housed at Feminist Archive South.

For documentation from the 2014 project, see this video.